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ProGreen Environmental Services is a south Florida local lawn and ornamental Pest control company that guarantees results. We provide effective healthy lawn solutions for all types of pest; Ants, Fleas, ticks, spiders, chichbugs, grub worms, whitefly, rats, weeds, fungus and more! The healthy home pest control program is designed to provide the highest level of pest protection while maintaining a family and pet friendly environment.

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ProGreen Environmental Services offers lawn and ornamental pest control services designed with our Florida climate in mind, providing protection for your lawn and ornamental's all year round. Many of our lawns, shrubs, palms and trees are regularly threatened by insects. Our warm Florida climate makes these pest a threat year round which can greatly damage your lawn and ornamental's. Our pest control services will protect your property from insects.... For most people their pets are considered part of the family which is why ProGreen Environmental prides ourselves on providing pet friendly pest control treatments.

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Homeowners envy the individual with the most beautiful lawn and ornamental's. However, most don't have the time or knowledge to provide the necessary attention. A beautiful lawn and ornamental plants require proper fertilization, watering, pest control and maintenance. Insects, fungus and disease can be destructive to Florida lawns and ornamental plants.

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